It is with pleasure I write this letter of recommendation for Schroepfer Insurance.

With the ever increasing health care premiums and insurance requirements we began to search new brokers upon renewal for competitive pricing for our organizations life and health insurance coverage. We met with Schroepfer Insurance team and shared our concerns, needs and requirements. They did not disappoint, in fact offered more options than we were originally seeking. They proactively provided many answers to questions we had while presenting plan designs.

We were happy to make a change in direction and implement the new plans offered to our organization, at a huge savings in premium while also keeping the same important plan designs. Informative employee meetings calmed any fears or questions our employees may have had when making an a change to their benefit packages.

As promised Schroepfer Insurance also offers many other benefits to our organization. The legal advice we sought at no additional charge to our company has been invaluable. A simple typographical error loomed the potential risk of a substantial fine by the IRS. With the help of Schroepfer Insurance and the resources available to us the situation was remedied almost immediately with no cost, nor fine to us. The individual personal assistance with employee situations has only strengthened our confidence in the Schroepfer Insurance Team!

We enjoy the rapport we have created with the staff and look forward to a continued relationship.

Thank you,

Stacey Harmon
Disabled Citizens Alliance for Independence Inc.
Chief Human Resources Officer