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Group dental insurance helps pay the cost of normal dental care and also covers damage to teeth from an accident. Dental insurance has the principal advantage of helping employees meet the costs of regular dental care.

Group Dental Insurance Benefits

Group Dental insuranceGroup dental insurance plans generally cover a wide variety of dental services such as X-rays, cleaning, fillings, extractions, inlays, bridgework and dentures, oral surgery, and root canals. While most plans do include orthodontic care, some plans do exclude it. Dentists are reimbursed on the basis of their reasonable and customary charges subject to any limitations on benefits stated in the plan.

There are several ways to control the costs of your dental plan:

  • An annual deductible and coinsurance are used to control the costs of group dental insurance.
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  • Place maximum limit on the benefits of the plan
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  • Place waiting periods of coverage (semi-annual visits vs annual visits)
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  • Implement exclusions of your dental insurance coverage such as removing orthodontic care.
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  • Predetermined benefits on the plan where the employee is aware of the costs of the employers before proceeding with any dental operation.

How can SBI be of assistance with your dental insurance plans?

An SBI broker wants to sit down with you to discuss your plans for managing your company’s employee health risk and dental insurance. Give us a call at 1-(800)-659-5733 or request a consultation today at our Washington or Union, MO office here.

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