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Maintain Compliance with State and Federal Regulations
Staying up to date and complying completely with state and federal employee benefit regulations can be a stressful experience. The regulations’ complexities and consequences of noncompliance extend the troublesome and can be detrimental to any company. SBI’s compliance services provide valuable compliance assistance to our clients through direct contact with our compliance specialists and newsletters.

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SBI Compliance Services stay atop new compliance laws and regulations and drive to understand the rules and how they’ll affect our clients in the short and long terms. Then our Employee Benefit team–including our compliance services experts–work with our clients to keep them aware of the rules that affect them, and consult on how to efficiently resolve the compliance issue in question.

Tailored Compliance Solutions

HIPAA, COBRA, USERRA and the Medicare Modernization Act are bodies of legislation that regulate and tend to increase the stress circulating HR departments in companies.

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