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Healthcare reform consultantsThe Schroepfer Bauer Insurance Agency is one of the many employee benefit consultants and brokers in the United States helping all its clients align their policies with the new healthcare reform. This is a valuable service since many companies lack the personnel with the expertise to ensure that the timelines are met and the correct documentation is submitted in order to be compliant.

Tim Bauer, co-owner of SBI, says, “All of our clients find the consultancy service that we offer to be valuable. We really customize our services to meet the needs of all our clients.” Indeed, some companies do need help to get everything in order so that they are not fined. A recent survey by Thompson Reuters indicates that approximately 24% of the clients of U.S. accounting firms are not well aware of the possible fines that they might be levied if they are not compliant with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) by 2014.

For additional information on the benefit consultancy and insurance package brokerage services offered by the Schroepfer Bauer Insurance Agency; please contact us by telephone at 1-(800)-659-5733 or by email at You may request a consultation here.

The Schroepfer Bauer Insurance Agency was founded in June, 2003. It is an amalgamation of the Schroepfer Insurance Agency which was established in 1948 and the Bauer and Hoemann Insurance Agency which was established in 1950. In addition to being employee benefit consultants; this organization is an industry leader in providing competitive insurance packages. They are dedicated to ensuring that they consistently deliver the best employee benefit plans, benefit programs, and benefit packages.

The Benefits of Disability Insurance for Your Employees

The benefits of having disability insurance for all employees makes good business sense in so many ways. Although initially it might seem that the cost is too much to even entertain the idea; the cost of not providing such a benefit is even greater.

Under the new health reform; medium as well as large-sized businesses that provide health insurance for its employees will receive financial incentives through what is termed as pay or play provisions. These businesses can utilize a pay or play calculator to obtain a fairly accurate figure of what the total health care costs will be for them under the new system. This is a proactive measure that should be fully utilized for its effectiveness.

However, while a business should see to the health and well-being of its workers who are its foundation; it must also see to its own financial health by ensuring that it is properly covered with adequate commercial general liability insurance.

Nonetheless, from a business perspective; let us look closely at the advantages of providing disability benefits to all employees:

  • It allows medium-sized businesses to retain skilled and good workers while at the same time attract other talented workers who would otherwise have focused their attention on larger firms.
  • It reduces absenteeism and worker turnover which is a big financial drain on any business.
  • It increases morale and productivity among workers of all levels.
  • It reduces costs of workers’ compensation due to injuries and on-the-job stress related incidents.

Top 4 Benefits of a Risk Analysis with Health Reform

Health is everyone’s primary concern. Good health is a wonderful gift to have. It must be treasured by all means possible. Having a reliable insurance policy could be your best move to help save you from imminent health hazards and dangers. In the United States, where Healthcare Reform is kicking in, having an informative Healthcare Reform risk analysis is essential. Every piece of information associated with the subject must be learned and well understood. The one with knowledge excels than the one who has none.

The Benefits of  a Risk Analysis

Having the knowledge of what you are up against is an advantage and a tool to turn the table for your benefit. It could help relieve you off of stress and worries about the impending new wave of Healthcare Reform. Healthcare Risk analysis is essential because it helps reduce the risk of wasting your investment for nothing. Health could be very costly both financially and physically. With the correct Healthcare Risk Analysis, you could gain the following benefits:

1. Lessen the impact of the possible risk. The knowledge you’ve gained about the potential threat will cushion yourself or your business when the problem kicks in. Your analysis will provide enough information on what to do before and what do after the problem heats your premises. And because you are prepared, the risk’s gravity will be reduced to the intensity you or your business can easily take.

2. Reroute the risk’s path. With the correct and sufficient risk analysis, you can reroute the risk’s path to a safer zone and you or your business will be saved. It’s taking control of every possible impact target. You can clearly view as to where or when the problem will kick in and you can easily dodge its attacks. Having healthcare reform risk analysis is like wearing night vision goggles in the dark – you can see and control the threat.

3. Improve your risk management abilities. Successful risk analysis can help improve your risk management skills making you more immune to any risk every time. The experience will continuously teach you how to do things easily and in the right way. If another threat pops out, you won’t be surprised because you already know how to handle it.

4. Save money and business. This is the ultimate benefit of analyzing the risk before huge problems kick in. Your money or business could be saved because of the useful knowledge and abilities you’ve acquired. There will no unwanted and unnecessary expenses to be wasted.

Health insurance is a great investment. But before you settle in and invest further on a particular insurance, be sure to understand its full scope. Preparing yourself for the possible healthcare risk is the very best thing to do. With the impending enforcement of the new healthcare reform, many things are sure to change. Best hope that the change should be for good and the benefit of many. A good and effective healthcare risk analysis is your shield from these imminent changes.

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